Štvrtok, 13 Jún 2024
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ZARIF - Association of Active and Talented Women Targeting Potent Careers is non-profit organization whose purposes are mainly addressed to promote self development of women including disadvantaged, for better employability and for  their career development by providing them informal and non formal training opportunities. ZARIF has established cooperation with many experts and organizations acting at regional and national level, developing their activities in the following fields: adults' vocational training for women in various fields aiming to improve their employability in general fields including tourism, regional and social development, cultural heritage, but not limited to these.

ZARIF was formed to promote women’s participation in the family, social and professional life, introduce the idea of self-development and education among women. Our association is dedicated to women's empowerment, self-development and equality.
ZARIF provides seminars, courses, trainings, seminars, educational tools, cultural and social events and fosters career development skills that enable women to achieve personal and career success.

Moreover association manages occasions, activities, workshops, short or long open discussion sessions and long term counselling activities for inactive/active women and providing them support in their synchronization of family, social and working life.